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I’d like to welcome all the new followers to Spikes & Sequins! There has been quite a few new adds on Facebook, followers on Twitter and Instagram! Thank you so much to all the followers! This blog wouldn’t be what it is without readers like you! It makes my day when I get stopped in the street by readers of the blog or receive comments on the blog!

PLEASE READ——–> Speaking of comments just so you know technology has come a long way and now with the internet anytime a reader leaves a comment on the blog I have the ability to track exactly who you are, what city you are in and even the internet browser you used to leave the comment due to your IP addresses. So the readers who leave anonymous comments I still know who you are! So don’t be shy. Please leave your name because I’ll know who you are anyways thanks to technology. Crazy right!?! Make sure you leave comments that your Mama can be proud of because you really aren’t that anonymous when you leave comments anywhere on this worldwide web. This is how I was able to find out Spikes and Sequins gained readers in Brazil! How amazing is that!?! I can’t wait to visit Brazil! Thank you for following!

I do this blog for fun to document my world so when I get positive feedback that I have helped someone or inspired them in anyway it makes me feel so good!!! This is only the beginning there is a lot of greatness to come!


If you haven’t started following Spikes and Sequins on Instagram yet here is what ya missing…


from l to r

1. Outfit pic from the weekend. The leopard cut-out top is actually a dress I rolled up into a top from Topshop.

2. My stylish Mom. I get it from my Mama 😉

3.  Outfit post from yesterday. I wore a lavender pleated dress and a coral lip. I wore the dress with these wild flower power booties!

4. Me!

5. Delicious sweet tea from Peaches Hot House.

6. Purchases from my favorite new store Ruby and Jenna.

7. Organizing my dress rack.

8. Homemade steak tacos.

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