Ice Cream Dreams Bridal Shower

Hey Darlings! First off, I want to apologize for my lack of fashion blogging lately.  It’s not like me to just leave you hanging. I’m so sorry but I have great reasons for my disappearance! I promise to make up for it with my upcoming blog posts. HA! I decided to give myself a break for a while so I could focus on myself. Life as a blogger and full time designer can be challenging especially when one is GETTING MARRIED! YAAAY! (cue confetti!) I’m getting ready to marry one the most incredible people I’ve ever met. 🙂

Now with that said, without further or do I introduce to you my “Ice Cream Dreams” themed bridal shower. I’m so proud of this event because the entire concept and decor was created by my sister, mom and I. My sisters from other misters aka bridesmaids slayed and gave me a such a beautiful shower. I’m so thankful I have YOU in my life! The room was filled with nothing but good vibes. My love of ice cream was infused into every detail for the bridal shower. The cakes and desserts were by Sugar Monster who totally understood our cray! They made the prettiest wittle ice cream bride cake that is to DIE for! She even had a veil! Today the shower was featured on Wedded Wonderland. That’s a HUGE deal to me because Wedded Wonderland has always been my “go-to” for event planning, inspiration and anything wedding related. It’s my bridal bible! I LOVE their online magazine. Thank you Wedded Wonderland for the feature. I won’t continue to give you anymore details on here just head on over to Wedded Wonderland to see the entire article. Ahhhhh! This wonderful event was captured by photographer Jennifer Lam. Her style of photography is beautiful, natural, soft, delicate, bright and whimsical which paired well with the bridal shower theme. Not only does her photography speak for itself but she has a radiant warm personality that makes you feel so comfortable in front of her camera.

I will post pictures here that didn’t make it into the publication. Enjoy!


Vendor list:

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Dreams Bridal Shower

  1. YAAAAAY!!!

    Congrats, Sis!

    Welcome (preemptively LOL) to married life! It’s pretty awesome.

    Can’t wait to see your fashion journey through this process via this blog!

    BTW, you don’t own no regular clothes, do you? LOLZ

    Dope dress, BTW

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