Camouflage Series

imageI been cray cray for camo lately and decided to put together 3 looks featuring this classic print. Each post has the outfit deets where you can purchase each item!



Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Camo Series 3

1YJ3A1228 copy2YJ3A1249 copy3YJ3A12314YJ3A1255 copy5aYJ3A1238 copy6YJ3A12645YJ3A1243 copy7YJ3A1269 copy

8YJ3A12269YJ3A1272 copyOutfit deets: hat from Necessary Clothing, jacket from Zara (last season), dress from Necessary Clothing, clutch (how cute is it!?!) from Necessary Clothing and boots from Public Desire

Camo Series 2


Outfit deets: top from Boohoo, skirt from Mandee, and shoes from Nasty Gal (super old…two seasons ago)

Camo Series

1YJ3A11082YJ3A11313YJ3A1134 copy4aYJ3A11404YJ3A11045YJ3A11056YJ3A1144 copy7YJ3A1153

Outfit deets: jacket from Necessary Clothing (in store) but you can find it here, dress from Necessary Clothing, and shoes from Mandee

Fuzzy Peach

1YJ3A1326 copy3AYJ3A1300 copy3YJ3A1321 copy4YJ3A13335YJ3A13326YJ3A13157YJ3A13028YJ3A12969YJ3A1275

Outfit deets: caged bodysuit by Shuku New York (nude sold out but in stock in white), skirt from Mystique Boutique (sold out but find similar here), shoes from Agaci

No Thank You

1YJ3A14072YJ3A14042AYJ3A13493YJ3A13752AYJ3A13494YJ3A13725AYJ3A13395CYJ3A1390 copy5YJ3A13716YJ3A13637YJ3A13607YJ3A13628BYJ3A13899YJ3A135710YJ3A135611YJ3A135412YJ3A135213YJ3A135114YJ3A1345

I’m in LOVE with this dress! The length is perfect and the denim fabric is comfortable. It has plenty of stretch for girls with curves. The price is perfect!


Outfit deets: denim dress and bag from Necessary Objects, denim shoes (similar pair) from Agaci

2_MG_0160 copy

Here is a recap of my amazing birthday! I figured I’d share a few highlights and my birthday theme in the hopes to inspire your future bday plans! Here is my inspiration and color palette.


Hues of blues and silver were my colors for the evening. I wore two outfits with that theme in mind. Here is how my vision came to life…

_MG_0011 1_MG_0001_1COPYIMG_3274BDAY3IMG_3107IMG_3256IMG_3260 copyIMG_3304 copyIMG_3305 copyIMG_3271 copy13_MG_0114 copy

I had an amazing weekend with family and friends celebrating my life!


Outfit 1 deets: dress from House Of CB, jewelry gift, shoes from Public Desire

Outfit 2 deets: top from American Apparel, skirt from House Of CB, shoes from Agaci


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