1YJ3A3891 2YJ3A3894 3YJ3A3868 4YJ3A3918 5YJ3A3897 6YJ3A3900 7YJ3A3941YJ3A3865YJ3A3862 YJ3A3883 YJ3A3927 YJ3A3930 YJ3A3948I recently was in Cancun, Mexico for vacation (it was AH-MAZING) and I did a little shopping at Pull & Bear and Shasa. Unfortunately for my American readers Pull & Bear doesn’t have any stores in the US. I know right?!? :( Wahhhhhh!

Outfit deets: dress from Pull & Bear, hat from Shasa, shoes from Agaci 

Here are a few pictures from my shopping trip to Pull & Bear in Mexico…

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Hi my loves! Sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been a bit hectic lately but I’m back! I quickly do outfit posts now on Instagram, please follow me (spikesandsequins) so you don’t miss out! :) Thank you again for your continued love and support even when I disappear for a few weeks! I love you all!


Outfit deets: dress from Mystique Boutique (size small), shoes from Public Desire, body chain by Windsor

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Fringe and suede is on the forefront of fashion trends this season. Oddly enough you wouldn’t think of wearing suede during spring and summer but it looks great! It is a great look for the festival season. My fringe dress is from Missguided. Missguided has executed this trend perfectly! Check out more suede pieces on their website here. I apologize for my hair and awkwardness in the pictures. Mother nature was not friendly and kept blowing a breeze my way.

fringe32 fringe34

Outfit deets: dress from Missguided, shoes by Dolce Vita, necklace from F21, lip color NYX intense butter lip gloss color “Sorbet”

Palm Princess

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I’m baaack!!! My apologies for the lack of posts. Life happened which prevented me from posting in a while. Thank you for your continued love and support of the past few months. I really don’t like leaving you guys without new looks and inspiration. I figured what better way to make a comeback than posting a “Summer vibe” outfit just in time for the warm weather upon us. Ahhhh, I LOVE Summer! This lovely palm leaves printed dress is from Missguided. It is apart of the awesome collabo collection they have with Princess Pia….I love just about everything.

Outfit deets: earrings from Topshop, necklaces from Forever 21, dress from Missguided (size UK6/US2), shoes from Agaci, lip color by NYX (Intense Butter Gloss color: Orangesicle)

Have a good week!


Black & Camel

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My latest obsession has been the color palette camel & black. When I wear this color combo I feel like I exude a classic and bold style. I decided to shoot 3 looks with camel & black. I hope you like them! Have a good week!


Outfit 1 deets: dress from Jaide Clothing, shoes from Agaci, camel coat from F&F

Outfit 2 deets: dress from Missguided, earrings from Agaci

Outfit 3 deets: coord set from Century 21

Baby Pink

babypink8 babypink11 babypink6 babypink5 babypink4 babypink2 babypink1 babypink7 babypink9mermaidfav1mermaid8mermaid10mermaid11mermaid12mermaid14mermaid15mermaid17mermaid18mermaid19mermaid2mermaid3

Hi Dolls! Lately baby pinks, nudes and blush pink has been my go to color! I’m looking forward to Spring and brighter softer pink colors are great reminders of warmer weather! In this blog post I’m rockin’ my newest favorite color in two looks. First, a baby pink coord set from Boohoo.com and my DIY feather heels. For look two, a more casual look featuring a nude mermaid bodysuit, blazer and jeans. What are your favorite colors for Spring time?


Outfit 1 deets: baby pink coord set from Boohoo.com, coat from Forever 21, earrings from Charlotte Russe, shoes from Charlotte Russe but feathers added DIY post here

Outfit 2 deets: bodysuit and jeans from Topshop, same as above

Shades Of Grey


Hey Dolls! I’m finally back with a new outfit post. It has been really hard taking pictures of my looks these past few weeks. It has been FREEZING out and snowing at least twice a week in NYC! Today was the first day in a long time I was able to snap pics. I hope you enjoy them! ;)

Have a good week! Stay warm.


Outfit deets: Top from F21, coat from F&F, skirt from Marshalls and shoes from Agaci


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