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Outfit deets: dress from Naked Wardrobe, purse from Choies, shoes from Agaci

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I just can’t get enough of choker tops :)

Outfit deets: top from American Apparel, skirt from House Of CB, shoes from Agaci

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Here is my 3rd look from my Valentine’s Day Lookbook :) I love this dress from House Of CB because it has pockets!!!

Outfit deets: dress from House Of CB, shoes from Charlotte Russe

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This is my 2nd look for Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t love cotton candy pink? I absolutely adore the flirty hem :)

Outfit deets: dress from Windsor, shoes from Missguided

1YJ3A23962YJ3A24293YJ3A24364YJ3A24125YJ3A24156YJ3A24167YJ3A2471 copy8YJ3A25149YJ3A245410YJ3A245011YJ3A244212YJ3A247813YJ3A248114YJ3A249215YJ3A2499 copyYJ3A2417YJ3A2421

It’s about that time for my annual Valentine’s day lookbook! I have so many fun looks for you starting with this not so typical red & pink v-day outfit. I’m in LOVE with this choker legging set and trench from Naked Wardrobe. It’s very comfortable yet sexy! Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays to dress up for. I can’t wait to show you the outfits I’ve styled. I hope they will inspire you when planning your looks for V-day ;)

Outfit deets: legging set by Naked Wardrobe, trench jacket by Naked Wardrobe, shoes from Public Desire


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Outfit deets: jacket from H&M, shoes from Public Desire, dress  purchased months ago at a mall boutique so I don’t have a link for you but I found similar dresses here:


from l to r

1) long sleeve mustard suede dress here

2) spaghetti strap mustard suede dress here

3) tan mini dress here

1YJ3A2148 copy copy2YJ3A2160 copy3YJ3A2151 copy4YJ3A2190 copy5YJ3A2195 copy6YJ3A2184 copy7YJ3A2162 copy8YJ3A2169 copy9YJ3A2214 copy10YJ3A2166 copy11YJ3A2163 copy12YJ3A2217 copy13YJ3A2220 copy14YJ3A2226 copy15YJ3A2231 copy17YJ3A2238 copy18YJ3A2243 copy

Holy cow! It’s the 6th anniversary of Spikes & Sequins! Thank you so much for following me on my style journey for the past 6 years. Spikes & Sequins was started after wanting document my personal style and bargain outfits in the hopes of inspiring you!!! I can’t believe it has grown this far! This is only the beginning and I’m looking forward to where Spikes & Sequins takes me next! I’m thankful for each and every one of you!!! Cheers to living well, doing well and most of all DRESSING WELL! 


Outfit deets: dress by House Of CB, coat from Missguided, shoes from Agaci


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