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Hi my loves! I wanted to do our annual ❤ “Valentine’s Day” inspiration post with outfit ideas for V-day. I love Valentine’s Day colors and hearts! Here are a few killer outfits to inspire you for any gals heading out ;)

❤ Outfit 1: crop top from Topshop, “Georgina” pink skirt by MyBandageDress.com, shoes from Boohoo.com, earrings from Charlotte Russe and  lip color NYX soft matte lip cream “Istanbul

❤ Outfit 2: necklace from Nasty Gal, dress from Boohoo, shoes by Report, and lip color MAC matte lipstick “Ruby Woo”

Checkout the post from last year and the year before last…

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Hi Dolls! I finally posted my Abhair review on YouTube! FINALLY! I have to be honest, recording videos are so hard. It definitely was a learning curve for me. It is completely different from taking pictures for the blog. Between editing the video, adding music, titles and having “ADD” throughout the entire process was a challenge! It is also strange to speak to yourself LOL I have a greater appreciation for vloggers now. I’m sure it will get easier to record videos with more experience. :) Enjoy! xo


All links and details are in the info box below the video.

Call Me Baby

Hi my loves! Sorry it has been a long time since I’ve posted but I’m back!!! Happy New Year again. This marks Spikes & Sequins 5th Birthday since the blog started. I’m so proud about the anniversary and I’d like to THANK YOU for all your love & support throughout the years because without this blog wouldn’t be what it is. All of you keep me going!!!

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Now onto this fabulous skirt from MistressRocks.com. I’m in love with this “Cameo” skirt!  by Mistress Rocks. Their clothing is modern, fresh and classic. Also, when you order an item from the store it arrives in this pretty mint blue box. The jewelry box for the earrings also arrived in a pretty mint box. I’m all about pretty packaging!

boxesmistressrocks1 copymistressrocks3 copytele copy

This plaid blazer was only $12.00 from Boohoo.com! Can you believe that!?! It is such a unique piece that could be easily worn with jeans for a more casual look. This was such a steal aka BAHGAIN!

plaidcape copyplaidcape5 copy

I have a lot of fun outfit posts and soon youtube videos coming up soon! I can’t wait to share it with you. Have a wonderful weekend! xo :)

Outfit deets: blazer/cape from Boohoo, bodysuit from Boohoo, skirt from Mistress Rocks, shoes from Nasty Gal, telephone earrings by Melody Ehsani, telephone purse by Betsey Johnson

Snow White

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It is freezing here in NYC! I found this skirt very fitting for the snowfall on the ground. I definitely froze my badink-a-dink while taking these pictures so please forgive my agitated facial expressions in a few of the pictures. HA! :) I have been loving these midi full skirts a la circa 1950’s much like the gingham skirt in this outfit post. I’m thinking of buying a few more. They are so forgiving and compliments almost any body type. I’m thinking about getting these two from Missguided… what do you think!?

t3103147_emily_14.11.14_sp_1930 s1100088_bekka

Have a great week!


Outfit deets: top & skirt from Century 21 department store, earrings from Charlotte Russe and shoes by Dolce Vita.

I’m A Mermaid

nye5nye28 nye1 nye7 nye8 nye9 nye14 nye15 nye18 nye21 nye22 nye23 nye26 nye27 nye29 nye30 nye31 nye33 nye38 nye39 nye41Hello 2015! Year 2014 has been a year of change and growth through some hard lessons and I’m so ready for 2015! I know 2015 is going to be a great year! Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for following me through my style journey over the past 6 years. I really appreciate all of you because without you this blog wouldn’t be what it is today! I’m so thankful for you.

I’m brought in 2015 with my family and closest friends. This entire festive outfit was under $80! I felt like a sparkly mermaid in this sequins dress. Can you believe it was only $35.00 from Boohoo.com?! I LOOOVE bahgains and Boohoo.com is my newest weakness. I curled my new Abhair clip in hair extensions with a curling wand to achieve this wavy mermaid hairstyle. I can’t wait to do a video review about these hair extensions. Hopefully I will do that in the few days. :) I hope you had fun and wore something sparkly ;) Happy New Year!


Outfit deets: dress and fur shawl from Boohoo.com, earrings from Charlotte Russe, shoes from Charlotte Russe by DIY’d feather trim (see diy post here), and lip color by NYX Copenhagen



These fluffy feather shoes are all the rave lately! I’ve been lusting after these pretty little things for quite sometime but I haven’t had much luck buying a pair. They’re such a hot commodity and sell out so fast so I can’t seem to get my hands on them. I really wanted a nude and black pair but it seems those colors are the most popular. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a pair for New Years Eve! You can use an old pair of shoes or buy an inexpensive pair. I purchased black and nude sandals from Charlotte Russe for $20 dollars each (because Charlotte Russe ALWAYS has a promo or sale going on). I purchased these feather boas on Etsy.com from a store called “A Little Scrappy“. They were about $1.50-1.70 each. They have an array of beautiful feather boas in almost every color you could think of! I purchased the black feather boa here and nude feather boa here

All you need is:


1) An old pair of strappy sandals or any shoes you’d like to trim in feathers.

2) A marabou feather boa.

3) Scissors.

4) Hot glue gun!


  • Start by cutting a piece from the boa that is the same length as the toe strap.
  • Then use the glue gun to add glue onto the toe strap and apply the cutting of the boa to the glue placed on the toe strap.
  • To add more volume, add as many strips of the boa to the strap as you please.
  • Then wahhhh-la feather shoes!!!!! Ouuuu they’re so sassy! So classy! They have a mind of their own. Work it ladies! Hehe


Instead of spending $50 plus on a pair of feather fluffy heels; customized your own for under $30! Be the talk of your NYE party by wearing this dainty sassy fluffy shoes ;)

If you don’t feel like making your own you find them herehere, or here.

flufyshoes copy


I’ll be sure to do an outfit blog post wearing these. Stay tuned!


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I’m really loving coordinate sets lately. Coord sets are a nice alternative to dresses. This gingham check coord set is from Missguided. The gingham check print is actually flocked so it has a velvet texture. The bralet top has an exposed zipper on the back and the skirt has pockets (you know I LOVE pockets!). Sorry I’ve been missing in action. I moved last week and it has set me back from posting as frequent as I usually do. I wish everyone a wonderful week!


Outfit deets: lip color “Amsterdam” by NYX (soft matte lip cream), hair extensions from Abhair top and skirt from Missguided, earrings by Betsey Johnson, shoes from Zara


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