Topshop vs. Topman

This past weekend I went to Topshop and of course I couldn’t leave empty handed. I picked up a few items in Topshop woman but the jackpot was actually downstairs in Topman! Check out my finds below…

My finds at Topshop

Headband and Sweater…Topshop

The sweater was trimmed in bows…I heart them

Printed denim jean leggings…how cool is this?

Pink Beret

My finds in Topman

Printed stripe tee and silver chain. The chain was only $2.00

Yep, this was in the men’s department…perfect armor for winter!

Leather band $2.00

Dog tags chain $2.00

Snowman tee!

The next time you stop by Topshop, make sure you pay a visit to Topman…you never know what you may find 😉


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