Melissa Shoes!

This past weekend, my sister and I stumbled across the Melissa sample sale. Melissa shoes stand out from the rest because of it’s one of a kind designs, colors and they’re made out of an untraditional material… plastic!!! Melissa shoes has teamed up with designers like Karim Rashid, Judy Blame and my favorite Vivienne Westwood. My sister and I each purchased a pair of Vivienne Westwood’s!!! We couldn’t help ourselves!!! My sister purchased the metallic gold ankle flats and I bought the yellow bow slingbacks. I can’t wait to strut my stuff in these babies. The concrete won’t know what hit them 😉

More Melissa shoes by Vienne Westwood…

They even have matching baby shoes!!! Ahhhh I die!

Check out more by Melissa here

Spikes 😉

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