Weekend Festivities!

This past weekend Sequins and I had another amazing Photoshoot with our friend Jose aka Twin. Twin asked for me to help style the shoot because he entrusted Sequins and I would keep it fashionable, unique, polished and add “Spikes & Sequins” flava. I decided to do a “Pin-up” theme for some sassy vintage glamour photos and a “Futuristic” theme for abstract fashion editorial photos! I was thinking Star-Trek!!! Sequins styled her outfits to coordinate with mine. I mean how perfect!?! We’re such a dynamic duo!

We both wore Betsey Johnson dresses for the “Pin-up” theme

For the “Futuristic” theme I wore a dress from Asos and Sequins wore a vintage top from the 80’s! It’s amazing how fashion repeats itself.

haha We take this very serious!

Spikes & Sequins Foreva!!! Stay tuned for our complete collection of photos by Jose… Click here to see Photoshoot Part 1

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