It’s Leoooopard Baby………

DIY Leopard Nails!

Step 1
Paint two coats of any color you would like your leopard to be…it can be pink, green, gold, yellow, red, orange haha ok you get my point
I used Essie’s “Tart Deco” color

Step 2
Use Sally’s Nail Art Pen color black to draw the leopard spots

Start out by drawing mini circles around the nail. Try drawing with different pressures of the pen. This will make some circles thinner or thicker than others. It’s okay if the circles are imperfect because it will make the leopard print more authentic! I do understand that not everyone is as sturdy with the nail art pen like me so please ask your neighbor, sister, mother or best friend to complete your opposite hand for GREAT results! 🙂

Step 3
After you’re done drawing the leopard spots on each nail apply one coat of the NO CHIP Sally’s Topcoat. This will prevent any chippage. Usually my nail polish last a good week using this topcoat.


Spikes 😉

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