Fly Guys

I never post much about menswear and it’s not because I don’t have an interest in it or anything…it’s just that I hardly find any images that really inspire me. I finally found awesome pictures from The Sartorialist and Jak and Jill

These two images are from the D&G fashion show. I’m not quite sure what I like better; the fashions or who’s in them! 😉

I’d wear a suite like this!

I ♥ tattoos

I own a lot of superhero tees! They’re great with shorts or jeans. Perfect for those off days but you’ll still look effortlessly kool!

I’m definitely not a lover of ciggies but I do love his hair!

Colorful abstract tops from Jill Sander

Printed bicycles! Come on this is an automatic must have for your closet! I love my bicycle 🙂

Spikes 😉

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