LA Clubbin

My big brother Cliff who is an LA local decided to take my sister and I out for a night of clubbin! He wanted to show us the LA nightlife. We had a blast @ Angels in Santa Monica. I decided to rock my new Pavon dress!!! Ahhhhh! I love this dress because it’s so comfortable. Check out Sequins’ post on Pavon. We saw Chico & Kristinia DeBarge perform along with a pleasant surprise performance by GUY! Do you remember Guy!?!?! They were the best R&B group in the 80’s-90’s!!! You know Aaron Hall, Teddy Riley and Aaron’s brother Damion Hall!??!

Josephine Baker

Chico DeBarge, I think he was too scared to smile because my brother took the pic haha

Kristinia DeBarge took the stage

Damion Hall

Teddy Riley

The Ladies with Kristinia

Had a wonderful time…stay tuned for more LA festivities ahahahahahaha (Dracula laugh)

Imma leave you with 3 songs…

One thought on “LA Clubbin

  1. Omg.. years back I had the biggest crush on chico debarge.. He was soooooo fine.. He still looks good… lol

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