Motel Bff Contestants-Jessica & Vanessa

Meet our 1st Motel Bff Contestants, Jessica & Vanessa.

Who? Jessica (left) and Vanessa (right) have been Bffs since they were in high school.

Why is friendship important to them? “I could give the usual reasons why friendship is important, but instead would like to say how horrible a feeling it is to not always have your bff. For about 6 months my best friend I didnt speak, and I felt the only horrible knot im my stomach during that time. It sucked and I would never give up on our friendship ever again. You need your bff to keep you grounded in life.. period.. end of story :)”- Jessica

How would you describe your individual styles?

Jessica’s style- “My style is what I call new vintage.. I try stay “different” then the rest of the crowd by adding in vintage fashion/jewelry to my everyday wardrobe.. We’ll actually that’s my current style, it switches up about every four months.. lol, thats what happens when you graduate from F.I.T, it turns you into a fashion monster.. But I notice the one thing that never changes is that I always throw in a few animal prints here and there. Tigers/Panthers/leopards=my muses :)” -Jessica

Vanessa’s style- “Vanessa’s style can be best described as trendy/sexy, she knows how to work the trends and turn some heads.. Seriously she’s the most gorgeous girl ever, and can make a plastic bag look fab..”

Thank you Jessica and Vanessa for entering the contest. You lovely ladies now have the chance to win dresses from! Would you and your Bff like to enter the contest too? Click here for details.

3 thoughts on “Motel Bff Contestants-Jessica & Vanessa

  1. AHH I seriously would just die if Vanessa and I won this contest… I want a new motel dress soooooooooooooo badly 🙂

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