September’s Artist of the Month: Charitaville by Aurea Sanabria

Meet talented Fashion Designer, Aurea Sanabria

Aurea and I go way back til’ FIT days (draping and pattern making class). I’m so proud that her hard work and determination has paid off… She just launch her own fabulous clothing line, Charitaville!

Read more about Aurea in her interview below:

Who? Aurea Sanabria

Where? Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Why? I’m AOTM because I debuted my clothing line, Charitaville in August. Having graduated from FIT with Spikes who caught wind of the beginning stages of the line, we were able to keep in touch and cheer each others accomplishments on.

What inspires you? Being Puerto Rican from NYC is a huge inspiration along with being a pop culture super brat. I use comedy, irony, and silhouettes I find foolproof, throw them in a pot, stir it up, add a little sass, and voila! I create clothing which will catch attention without being “unwearable”. For this season I’m debuting,
I was inspired by Spanish hoodrats, Mexican Catholics ala Robert Rodriguez movies and using bad words. I love color and femininity and that’s ultimately what helped create what I like to call “wearable sass.”

Anything else? I’d like to expand the line for the following season, adding a few more pieces. I’d also like to have my first official fashion week fashion show for fall 2011.

Advice? Honestly, the best advice I can give to any upcoming/aspiring designers/artists/20 somethings… don’t rush. it will come to you. I spent 4 years stressing out and experiencing the worst creative block ever. I never thought it was good enough. But it all came to me one day and I designed my line in less than a day. Everything will fall in to place. Also, you can’t be concerned about what everyone else around you is doing, what they think of you and your art, or making a profit. Worrying about others or an easy buck will not make it happen for you. Do it for yourself and everything else will come along with it. You’ve only failed if you gave up.

Want to see more from Charitaville!?! What you waitin for!?! Click here!

Congrats Aurea!

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