Melrose Trading Post @ Fairfax HS

While in LA, I went to an awesome flea market called Melrose Trading Post! Check this post here and here. This place has a lot of hidden treasures. I really enjoyed shoppin this flea market. It housed a lot of upcoming designers, jewelry artists and vintage clothing. My mom, sister and I stopped at the Detroit Trash booth! Here you can the most unique, prettiest bullets I’ve ever seen! Detroit Trash recycles shells/bullets and tops it off with pretty sparkling crystals. Ever since I came back from LA, I’ve been rockin’ this necklace often and I always get many compliments! If you are interested in purchasing one of these fly pieces visit Detroit Trash here.

Another Melrose Trading Post find I absolutely adore are my one-of-a-kind feather earrings by a lovely lady named Cardi Beutler

If you are interested in buying one of these beauties contact Cardi by emailing her: Tell her Spikes sent cha! 😉

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