October’s Artist of the Month: Deon Hiralal

This Month’s Artist of the Month, Deon Hiralal is a dear friend of mine and a talented designer! He’s the hardest working man I know!

Who? Deon Hiralal

Where? Jersey City, NJ

Why are you Artist of the month? I am artist of the Month because the wonderful team of Spikes and Sequins recognizes my unique talent and passion for design. I am very ecstatic and obliged to be featured on this blog.

What inspires you? My mom was a seamstress and local designer in my neighborhood back in Guyana, she has always been my inspiration because she have such passion and dedication in everything she does. I let my design reflect femininity, strength and grace that is my mom.

Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already? I love to dabble in everything artistic; I have recently started to do my own photography for my collection. I think I can better capture the essence of my design if I was behind the camera. In terms of fashion design, I would love to create a dramatic collection that parallels Alexander McQueen collections. I have always admire his style and bold designs

Do have any advice? A man is not a failure until he gives up, so just live life to the fullest and always strive for success.

Contact info: deon.hiralal@yahoo.com

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