Song of the Week: “You Ain’t Got It” by Nina Sky

This week’s Song of the Week is “You Ain’t Got It” by Nina Sky. This song is my JAM! Come on ladies, have you ever went out with your girls, met a dude that tries to get ya with lame pick up lines and you know he’s just NOT the ONE? He tells you all the things HE THINKS you want to hear and you’re like “WHATEVER MAN!” You know from the jump that he “Ain’t Got It“! Well, this video/song is perfect for those moments! The video has a gritty NYC, 80’s-90’s vibe and great styling. It’s FUNKY! Enjoy!

Here’s what Nina Sky wrote about their video:

We dropped our EP The Other Side in August and now we’re super excited to release our first video off the project, “You Aint Got It” directed by Treezy.

We wanted to shoot a video that was reminiscent of Sagat’s “Funk Dat’ video, which is the song we sampled for “You Ain’t Got It.” It was important to us that Treezy captured the same vibe and grainy look as the original video, so we shot half in the city streets with our friends. To contrast the street element and give a softer, more modern feel, we splashed it with colorful shots, some green screen action, and bam! “You Ain’t Got It” came to life.”

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