December’s Artist of the Month: Joi French

December’s Artist of the Month is Designer Joi French. Joi is the founder/designer of the Pirate Romance accessory line. See pics of her work and interview below:

I ♥ these spike earrings!

Who? My name is Joi French and I am the designer of Pirate Romance, an accessory line and Cut+Seau, a women’s RTW line.

Where? I am based in NYC and Vegas.

Why are you Artist of the month? I am artist of the month simply because of my creativity. I am committed to giving the consumer exclusive and affordable pieces!

What inspires you? Inspiration comes from anything and everywhere. I am an extremely visual person, I’ll see a color, a shape and I want to translate that into a design. I want to mimic the emotion from visual stimuli into my designs.

Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already? Somethings I want to accomplish, I definitely want to open my own physical boutique and I am going to create more men’s accessories because of the demand.

Do have any advice? Advice? Be honest, humble, and open. I never feel I am too successful to receive advice. Also remember how you would like to be treated as a customer and extend that in your own business!

Contact info:
for customization orders

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