Hellz Yea!

Last month, I made a post about the HELLZ BELLZ sample sale in NYC! Here is my recap of the sale and ALL my finds!!!!

I’m a forever Hellz Bellz Lovah!

Baby G-shock watch x Hellz Bellz gift from the BF :), Duchess Top, you can purchase it here, skirt with leatherette waistband

Sweetheart dress, perfect for Valentine’s Day 🙂 you can purchase it here

Her story top, you can purchase it here, Malice and chains leggings, you can purchase it hereHellz fingerless gloves

Here I am wearing the “Head Bitch” cuff which was released this week along with “SAC” bag


Along with the “SAC” bag, HELLZ launches the “Head Bitch” studded cuff, the perfect addition to your HELLZ wardrobe. The cuff displays metal stud detail with draping chains. ‘The Head B*tch’ bracelet was inspired by the good old days of punk rock, where rules were made to be broken, and you were only as tough as the hardware embellished on your clothes.”

You can purchase the “Head Bitch” studded cuff and “SAC” bag on the Hellz Bellz online shop!

4 thoughts on “Hellz Yea!

  1. Erin for those first few photos, did u use some kind of filter to get that overall color to the photos?? I love that whole beige undertone

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