Good lovin’

Ok, it’s that time of year again for sum good lovin’….

Happy Valentines’ Day! Everyday’s the 14th!

– Andre 3000

Does anyone have any plans yet? I’m not a big celebrater of V-day but I do like getting dressed up hehe. Here are my top dresses perfect for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure your lover will LOVE these hot dresses on you and if you’re single I’m sure cupid will strike if you rock any of these dresses on V-day!

LOVE LOVE from Asos $55

This color is fab from Hellz $80

Cherub dress from $75

Blush pink dress by UNIF $88

2 thoughts on “Good lovin’

  1. I absolutely LOVE dressing up for any and all holidays. I totally plan on putting together 4 outfits for this Valentine’s Day weekend – one for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I love that first purple dress! So sexy and romantic!

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