“Queens of Noise”-HELLZ

HELLZ Spring/Summer 2011 is finally here and let me tell you it was most definitely worth the wait! The HELLZ team has out did themselves!!! “Queens of Noise” collection is a bit different from previous Hellz Bellz collections…the colors are brighter and the silhouettes are more fashion driven. It’s very risky and I LOVE IT! Change is good! I can’t wait to get my hands on this collections.

I LOOOVE ME SOME HELLZ! Without them what the HELLZ would we wear!?!

Thanks Brittany for sending this fabulousness to my inbox. hehe

“This Summer, HELLZ is pleased to introduce the official release of “Queens of Noise”, a bold collection inspired by America’s youth.
Love, drugs, and rock & roll.the fundamentals of a good time. The sunset strip turns into a catwalk, while neon lights adorn city streets. “The Queens of Noise” rule over the night like it’s second nature, and anything short of wild is simply unacceptable. The collection is filled with an array of bright colors, loud prints, and dangerous cuts that portray a generation lead by it’s own lusts and thrills.

“Queens of Noise” is fast to celebrate the arrival of long hot summer nights with an array of flirty dresses that exude the rebellious nature of HELLZ. The “Slash” features mesh slits on a confetti printed body-con dress, while the “Tux” combines a sophisticated demeanor with a venomous hidden agenda for the girl-about-town. This summer, HELLZ calls upon all ‘Queens of Noise’ and midnight marauders in the battle of self-empowerment to use their voice, and reign over the concrete kingdom of the youth. Through the “Queens of Noise” independence is the thrill in which we all seek, and if you’re going to risk it all, you better look good doing so.”-HELLZ

These garter leggings! I DIE. FALL OUT ON THE FLOOR! DEAD!

This varsity jacket is gonna get me!

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