Soakin’ Up The Sun!

Another day at the pool. There’s a heat wave going on here so it’s hot and sunnnnnny but I’m not complaining! My sister and I been soakin’ up the sun and relaxin by the pool. I here there’s a chance Hurricane Irene is going to hit NYC! Jeez, it seems NYC doesn’t no how to behave when I leave. First an earthquake and now a hurricane. I really hope everyone stays safe during this state of emergency. Run for cover!
Hide ya wife, hide ya kids cuz Hurricane Irene is about to get everyone out here! 

OK back to fashion! I’m pictured sportin’ my favorite bahgain find of the season yall! This Victoria Secret bikini + matching flip flops was only $18! I found this cheap find at the Victoria Secret outlet store in Riverhead, NY. I posted this pic on the SpikesandSequins Facebook page a couple weeks ago…

This surf board neon pastel print super cute! I adore the zippers too!

I’m also wearing my Mom’s old oversized sunglasses from the late 70’s! How awesome are they!?!

My beautiful sissy!

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