I’m calling this outfit post “Sunshine” because today as I was crossing the street some unruly boys in their cars decided the best way to hollar at me was calling me sunshine and a few other mindless things (I rather not say) haha but I did think sunshine was the perfect way to describe this yellow dress so I decided to roll with it. 🙂

I grabbed this dress from Topshop during their seasonal sale a couple months ago. I was a little unsure about this dress at first because I thought the ruffles and the cutouts might be a tad too much. But I gave it a try and I’m glad I did! Note: If you are unsure about something ALWAYS try it on. It might look different once you put it on. I love this dress because yellow is my favorite color, the cascading ruffles are so pretty and feminine and it fits me like a glove. I accessorized it with my grandma’s vintage gold chain purse, gold hoops and the infamous pineapple shoes to seal the deal! I’m ready to work!

For my family and friend back home. Please be safe this weekend!!! 

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