February Artist Of The Month: Photographer Raoul Brown

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Photographer Raoul Brown

In 2014 Spikes & Sequins is going to continue to feature amazing artists each month. We’d like to use this blog as a platform to share with the world creative and unique artists that we feel need to be seen and heard! What better way than to kick 2014 off right by featuring  photographer, Raoul Brown. “Raoul Brown Photography” is our February “Artist Of The Month.” Get to know Raoul Brown and his work below:

Who? Raoul Brown, professional photographer specializing in Beauty & Fashion Portraiture. I express my creativity through my camera lens. It is an extension of my being.
Tess Beauty-Fashion-Night-6.1.2013-33361IMG_3631-Reva.rb
Where? Based in Queens, NY, at http://raoulbrown.com and http://raobrown.tumblr.com

Why are you Artist of the month? Perhaps, my work is being recognized which is quite rewarding; however, this is a question better answered by those who have taken an interest in my work and have worked with me.  
Gloria2Thomas' 10.27
What inspires you?  It is difficult to pinpoint a specific thing. The world is fantastically large with an outstanding amount of stimuli. At every corner there is something which moves me or there is an idea formed in my mind without an external source. Although, I must say beauty is the first stimulus and it can be anything from a woman’s graceful movement, a person’s confidence to the fury within a couple’s quarrel. Then there is light – natural or ambient.There are days when inspiration is hidden or difficult to find in spite of the expanse of NYC or wherever I am. On those days, I look to my work for inspiration, not to delve into self-praise but to remember my humble beginning and trace my growth to remind myself I am not finished growing, yet – there is still plenty work to do. If I stop growing then there is nothing left for me to create, and I don’t’ want that.  I live in a deliberate state of thankfulness and have great appreciation to be here and doing what I love.

My team and I have been working on creating a more diversified body of work showing Beauty and Fashion Portraiture | http://raobrown.tumblr.com. Although, most of my subjects & clients have been women; this doesn’t mean we don’t photograph men. In the New Year, our studio marketing plan will be revamped to attract a wider range of clients, while offering more incredible service, packages, gifts.


Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already?To make RAOUL BROWN a successful intercontinental brand serving clients worldwide; teaching, creating and capturing beautiful imagery; while providing quality professional service.


Do have any advice? The only thing stopping you is you. You can always find ways to get or have what you want. 2. It’s all about your choices. 3. It’s okay to be afraid or nervous, it keeps you sharp. 4. Give back, find someone worthy and help them. 5. You will receive new when you no longer have old. 6. Collaborate with other creatives /artist. 7. New and the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. 8. Be humble, be driven, and be appreciative and show your work. 9. No – means work harder or try something different. 10. Challenge yourself. 11. Learn the rules and break them. 12. Give thanks, love yourself and others.

-Raoul Brown


Contact Info:

April Happy Halloween 2Yendys2

Photo Credits

Makeup Artist:
Anabel Alexis
Ashlyn Mua
Christina Arthur
Dominique Eason
Reginald Raphael
Simone Kim
Tannise Palmer
Teshna Braithaite
Amanda Rae
Darvell Sampson
Lynnette Joy
Marica Lowe
Reva Bodden
Susan Daily
Tannise Palmer
Tess Brown
Thomas Family
Yendys Nefer- Atum
1. Stylish Girls | http://stylishgirls.co | www.sgstore.co
1. Jarrett Brown ( LG)
2. Kerry Rowley



Thank you Raoul for sharing your remarkable photography with us!
Would you like to be “Artisit Of The Month” on Spikes & Sequins too? Email spikesandsequins@gmail.com and let us know why you should be featured.
Thank you! xo

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