DIY Fluffy Heels ~ Under $30


These fluffy feather shoes are all the rave lately! I’ve been lusting after these pretty little things for quite sometime but I haven’t had much luck buying a pair. They’re such a hot commodity and sell out so fast so I can’t seem to get my hands on them. I really wanted a nude and black pair but it seems those colors are the most popular. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a pair for New Years Eve! You can use an old pair of shoes or buy an inexpensive pair. I purchased black and nude sandals from Charlotte Russe for $20 dollars each (because Charlotte Russe ALWAYS has a promo or sale going on). I purchased these feather boas on from a store called “A Little Scrappy“. They were about $1.50-1.70 each. They have an array of beautiful feather boas in almost every color you could think of! I purchased the black feather boa here and nude feather boa here

All you need is:


1) An old pair of strappy sandals or any shoes you’d like to trim in feathers.

2) A marabou feather boa.

3) Scissors.

4) Hot glue gun!


  • Start by cutting a piece from the boa that is the same length as the toe strap.
  • Then use the glue gun to add glue onto the toe strap and apply the cutting of the boa to the glue placed on the toe strap.
  • To add more volume, add as many strips of the boa to the strap as you please.
  • Then wahhhh-la feather shoes!!!!! Ouuuu they’re so sassy! So classy! They have a mind of their own. Work it ladies! Hehe


Instead of spending $50 plus on a pair of feather fluffy heels; customized your own for under $30! Be the talk of your NYE party by wearing this dainty sassy fluffy shoes 😉

If you don’t feel like making your own you find them herehere, or here.

flufyshoes copy


I’ll be sure to do an outfit blog post wearing these. Stay tuned!

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