Nothing like a little Retail Therapy!

What do you do on the coldest day of winter? Of course a little retail therapy! Nothing like great friends, food, and bahgins (the new yorker pronunciation of bargains) Don’t you just get a rush when you find great deals!?! You can still look like a million bucks for so much less…

First, we trotted ourselves down to the Cynthia Rowley Sample Sale on Bleecker…

Sequins found this tee for me! I DIED. I have a special love for ice cream and everything that goes with it (rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, whip cream…) This top had to come home with me! I’d wear it proudly with some ripped jeans and pumps. Thanks Sequins!

Second, we stopped across the street to Marc Jacobs accessory shop. Surprisingly it’s very affordable. Great place to shop for gifts and souvenirs! I didn’t have a chance to take pics but here are links to what we found…

Lipstick Pen

Perfect for your purse. Especially for those “Can I borrow a pen?” moments…it’s darling, tiny and it actually works!

Cost: $1.50

Striped Gloves

Soft, warm, bright! Why not? Sequins picked out purple and Spikes red…

Cost: $5.00

Zipper Necklace

What is there not to love?! Spikes favorite! I DIED

Cost: $13.00

Then, We paraded down to Topshop. We Looooove Topshop sales! Long and behold what did we find? Buy one sale item and get the 2nd sale item FREE! Can you believe that?!?! Such a steal!!! WE DIED! Topshop didn’t know what they were doing! Spikes & Sequins did damage!!!

On Spikes…Grey washed skinny jean Cost: $20.00. Sequins said “it’s a must buy!” I found another pair of light blue skinnies Cost: $0.00 (Buy one Get one!)

On Sequins…multi-color sequined top Cost: $40.00 (later she found a Sequined Motorcycle leather jacket Cost: $0.00 (Buy one Get one!)

There was party in the fitting room after Susan showed up! We met our new stylish friend Santiago, who worked the fitting room. We adore you Santiago! Stay tune for an update on this post…We were very lucky to get a sneak peek to Topshop’s Spring Collections! WE DIED!…

Til’ then Nitey Night!


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