Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale!!!

Starting today, Charlotte Ronson is having a sample sale. They have amazing buys!!! Everything is under $100.00. Prices range from $15.00 to $90.00. Shoes are $50.00 or $30.00. If you wear shoe size 9, 6 or 6 1/2 you’ll make out like a bandit! The clothing sizes are size Small to Large. Most of their samples are from the Spring 2009 line or Spring 2010 line. I even went as far as finding pics online of some of the merchandise they have at the sample sale…

I love the back of this denim dress! It was only $30.00 but it wasn’t in my size 😦

This knit stripe romper was only $30.00

These studded flats only came in size 6! Love these! They only cost $30.00.

These sandals were only $50.00!

These suede blue and tan sling-backs were only $30.00!!!

This denim studded vest only cost $30.00!

I’ll be back to show you my LUCKY finds!!!!

What: Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale
When: June 9th-June 11th 10am-7pm
Where: Manhattan- 1071 Sixth Avenue, near 40th Street, Suite 301

Happy Shopping! Spikes 😉

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