Bahgain Outfits

This weekend we decided to rock our bahgain finds…peep the under $50.00 fits below

On Spikes…
White Fringe Bodysuit: Topshop Buy one get one free sale
Light Blue Sandblast Jeans: Topshop
Gold shoes w/ fringe: Topshop
Gold Feather Necklace: Betsey Johnson Sample sale

On Sequins…

Fuchsia Blazer: Vintage Thrift find
Tee: Hellz Bellz Sample sale (one of our favorite brands! See post above)
Jeans: J brand
Shoes: Models own 😉

We didn’t shop this weekend instead we ate! We went to Peaches a delicious restaurant in BK

nuttin like southern sweet tea in New York

BBQ french fries munch!

chocolate fudge brownie with ice cream slurp!

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