I finally got my HELLZ BELLZ kicks!

We loooove HELLZ BELLZ! HELLZ BELLZ, is one of our favorite brands. It’s fierrrce, fun, edgy, sexy without being too girly.
Heres a lil’ bio

“Founded in 2005 by Lanie Alabanza, HELLZ BELLZ A CRIME FOR ALL SEASONS is a tribute to the non-conforming female youth of today. Questioning society and authority is the consistent theme in each season along with the inspiration from undeground cultures, music and films. Hellz is graphic and distinct presenting a clear impression though each piece. Each visual content is true to itself and honest. This is more than a brand its her personality! It is the answer to the male dominated street contemporary genre.”

Hellz Bellz has collaborated with Reebok and Vans, they created these masterpieces below
Please meet the Sophie, the Hadley and Reebok Top Down

I have been waiting for these Reebok/Hellz Bellz kicks foreva! They are sold out everywhere! Merry Christmas to me! My darling sister blessed me with these gorgeous shoes as a Christmas gift and now they are finally here! I’m so excited I had to share…did a little photoshoot with my new Hellz kicks and my Hellz Cardigan (excuse the poor qlty photos…my stinky digi cam batteries died, so macbook it is!)

Ahhhh mine mine mine

Stay tuned for my decked out in “HELLZ” outfit! You know I “GOTS” to wear these suckas tomorrow! 😉
Nite Spikes

Sequins wore a HELLZ tee this past weekend that she copped at the HELLZ sample sale!

UPDATE: I rocked my “HELLZ” outfit today…I was dressed in HELLZ BELLZ from head to toe! My new kicks are so comfy. I heart them. I wore my kicks with a HELLZ double breasted bomber jacket (embellished with studs), my HELLZ bullet proof tee w/ scarf aka TARF. Ahhh, so I have a story about this tee. I bought it at the HELLZ sample sale back in October. I spotted it from far away. I saw this long white piece of fabric hanging to the floor. Immediately, I ran to inspect this weird article of clothing. It was the only one on the rack. I had no clue of how to wear it but I knew I liked it. I asked the stylish lady working the sale to give me a little show n tell and WAH LA! The dopest tee w/ scarf (I like to call a TARF) appeared before your eyes. I DIED!

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