Chop! Chop!

A couple weeks ago while looking thru some magazines I came across the most strikingly beautiful haircuts. This inspired, Karina (one of my favorite ladies in the world) and I to do the big CHOP! Who needs long hair anyway? We both wanted something daring, powerful and sexy.

“I feel like after cutting my hair I can do anything!”-Karina

For those who never cut their hair, it’s the most amazing feeling. It’s like a huge weight lifts off your shoulders. You let go all those ideas that long hair is what makes you feminine, makes you a woman. You feel rebellious and strong! This is the shortest my hair has been my whole life. I had more hair as a newborn. NO JOKE! We LOVE our hair! People ask Karina and I if we’d do it again and we both say “HELL YEA!”

Karina’s Inspirational Photos


Spikes’ Inspiration Photos


What ya think!?!


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