Baby Spikes! Chop! Chop! part 2



About a week ago, my cousin Maya expressed how much she loved my haircut. Checkout “Chop! Chop! part 1” She said she was thinking about getting a similar cut but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for such a drastic change. After a little pep talk I think she embraced how much a haircut can change not only your outer appearance but alter how you feel inside. I told her that when you cut off your long locs you leave not only your hair behind but all the memories that come with it. You feel renewed and powerful. You don’t have your hair to hide under anymore and it feels sooo good!

My pep talk musta done some good because Maya wanted to cut her hair asap so I quickly made an appointment with my long time hair stylist Shawna Love Williams! Shawna has been doing my hair since I was about 5 years old. She’s always surpassed expectations of my hair. I’ve never been disappointed. She studies each of her clients and tailors each hairstyle to fit YOU! Shawna has the magic touch and you’ll leave her salon looking like a queen! I promise! I’m very proud of Maya that she decided to take chance to try something new. I knew Maya would look gorgeous with short hair but I was positive Shawna would make sure of it! Check out her step by step process transforming into BABY SPIKES






Twins you ask?!?! No, not really. We just come from the “same stuff”, same genes and same make up! haha

Doesn’t she look fabulous!?!?!

This isn’t the end…we went to rack in some bahgains @ the Topshop sale after so stay tuned for our finds!!!

Spikes 😉

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