Ice cream sundae nails!

I loooove ice cream so why not have a sundae painted on your nails!?!

🙂 Yummy

1) White or cream color, used for vanilla ice cream
2) L.A. Art Decor nail art laquer color brown, used for the fudge
3) L.A. Art Decor nail art laquer multi colors, used for sprinkles
4) Red nail color, used for the cherry
5) Sally Hansen Advanced, Hard as Nails Strengthening Topcoat

Apply two coats of the white or cream color…

Step 2
Apply a few strokes with the brown nail color to make the fudge

Step 3
Add some toppings using the L.A. thin nail colors. I used pink, green and yellow. Sporadically dab lines onto the nail.

Step 4
Time to add the cherries! I added a dot on the tip of each nail.

Step 5
Apply one coat of the topcoat and fini!

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