Cracked the CODE!

Today I ran by the Betsey Johnson sample sale. We posted about it here I have to say I was VERY disappointed. šŸ˜¦ I was really looking forward to seeing new pieces, perhaps from her Spring or Fall Collection like the sample sale from December. The sample sale today had old picked over pieces from a couple seasons ago and even things from the December sale. Matter fact the leopard Betsey Johnson skirt I had on today I bought it at the December sample sale for $35.00. They had the same skirt at the sample sale today for $50.00!!! What a rip off!!!! Most of the items were waaaay overpriced and I saw the same items in the outlet stores a couple months ago for CHEAPER! I began to wonder if they ship left over items from the outlet stores to the sample sales. Well folks, WAH-LA I was easedropping on the convo of the people working the sale and I overheard this… “We just got boxes in from Woodbury Commons!”. DING DING I CRACKED THE CODE!!!! Well folks I thought right! They DO ship in merchandise from the Betsey Johnson outlet stores!!!

Honestly, if you haven’t gone yet don’t make an effort to instead head to the Betsey Johnson Outlet stores. We want our readers to get the most for their money. We LOVE bahgains! Don’t you!?! There’s a wider selection with newer merchandise and cheaper pricing. For now on I’ll definitely be going to outlet stores. If you live in the TRI-STATE area here are the locations for the Betsey Johnson outlet stores…

Click awayyyy šŸ™‚

Tanger Outlets Riverhead Long Island

Tanger Outlets Deer Park Long Island

Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets Central NY

Click here to see our outlet store post and finds

Below are some other finds from the Betsey Johnson outlet stores…

Happy Shopping!

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