Today was a very disappointing and sad day in shopping :(. It was the $1.00 designer sale on We posted about it here. In order to be apart of this $1.00 sale you had to RSVP to the sale by April 11th. Once you RSVP’d, would send you an email to notify you when the $1.00 sale would begin. They said be willing, ready and able when the sale started because items would sell out fast. Oh and you could only buy one item! It was TOPSECRET. So, the night before the sale I slept with one eye open and kept checking my email to see if sent out the notification email. 6:45am the notification email came!

This is a pic of my inbox…

By 6:50am I was on with my card out ready to buy buy buy!!!! But everything was SOLDOUT! You mean to tell me in 5 minutes things sold out!?!? Every item I added to my shopping bag, when I went to checkout it’ll be unavailiable. Yea right, somethings not right with this picture and who’s up at 6:45am on a weekday prepared to shop!?!?! Sad, sad, sad and TRIFLIN! you’re not our friend.

Then, the sale only lasted for an hour. So, by 8am this is what you saw when you tried to upload the site…

Sequins and I felt so disappointed and defeated! We couldn’t get anything. 😦 Did anyone have better luck than us!?!?!

Spikes 😦

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