Seneca Rising

Recently, I went to Trader Joe’s and near by was a Loehmann’s. I don’t usually shop in Loehmann’s because I was scarred as child from the open fitting room. I’ll never forget that day, my mother and my grandmother needed to try a few things on. It was the very first time I saw old ladies with a lot of things sagging and things going south! OH MY! So, after Trader Joe’s I overcame my scars and browsed thru Loehmann’s with my sister. We came across the most beautiful rack of clothing made by an unfamiliar brand called Seneca Rising. The rack was filled with knits with cool blues & greens and warm browns & yellows. This Seneca Rising tee had to come home with me! It only cost $29.99:

Once I got home I did some research about the brand and I was pleasantly surprised to see it’s a upcoming brand among celebs and it sells in specialty boutiques. I love their color palettes. It’s like water color painting on knits. GORGE!
” Seneca Rising. A collection of perfectly worn-in pieces, softly printed and even lovelier layered together than they are alone. Inspired by those favorite tees and sweaters that go from worn–to–wash and back again without ever seeing the inside of your closet.

As a young girl designer Andi Ballard combined delicate thrift store finds with her older brothers hand me downs to create the girly tomboy aesthetic that is the backbone of this collection. Named after the street in Virginia that Andi grew up on, the collection is brimming with nostalgic details that characterize her history, and no fuss silhouettes she swears by today. “
Here are some photos from their collections:

Some celebrity spotting wearing Seneca Rising:

If you can’t make it to Loehmann’s you can also purchase Seneca Rising at these online stores:
Nasty Gal
Singer 22

Make sure you visit their official site: Seneca Rising

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