Noir Jewelry Sample Sale Update

Last week, Sequins posted about the Noir Jewelry sample sale (here) Noir is very popular among celebrities. Noir is known for it’s unique and untraditional jewelry designs. We adore our finds from the sale!

I purchased Paula the Scorpion ring in pink (representin my zodiac wha wha)…isn’t she pretty!?! Don’t piss Ms. Paula off or she might sting ya!

Then, I had to get this cute porcupine with spikes

I fell in love with these plastic earrings and matching bracelet! They are show stoppers and are very reminiscent of the 60’s…RETRO!

No one will mess with me with swords hanging from my ears and neck πŸ˜‰

Sequins found the prettiest dagger I ever seen

She also found this gem…

Celeb spotting:

Check out more from Noir here

Spikes πŸ˜‰

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