Fred Flare sale!

This past sunday, we trotted over to the Fred Flare sample sale! We didn’t post to tell you guys about it because we weren’t sure we were going to go but YIPPIEeeeeeeEEeee we are so glad we did!!!!! We got great baHgains! It was $10.00 for clothing and $5.00 for bags!!!

These are our finds:

I found this rainbow sweatshirt! They also had giant crayon toys…I got my favorite crayon color YELLOW and a multicolored back pack. Ow I’m ready for art class πŸ˜‰

My other finds are: military mj jacket, brocade dress, red tulip dress with pockets, panda crossbody bag and my favorite find is the welcome home purse!

Sequins’ Finds:
White blazer perfect for Spring and chilly Summer nights paired with a Motel dress

White party dress is delightful for a daytime tea party and the wild colorful catsuit for nitetime rawr!

This light blue dress is another perfect daytime ensemble

Click here to check out more from Fred Flare!

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