Look of the Day…Motel Carmen Bodice

Yesterday I rocked Motel’s Carmen Bodice! Have you ever wore high waisted shorts, skirts or pants and you could never find a top the would stay tucked in!?! Well, this bodysuit is the answer!!!! I had these navy high waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters for 2 years and never could find the right top to wear it with. I wanted something that would compliment the brown buttons on sides. When I saw this bodysuit I fell in love! It had all the colors that would make my 2 year old shorts pop! I decided to take a chance and order the Carmen bodice. I’m so glad because now these 2 year old bad boys can have a chance to see the light of day hahahaa Like what you see? Don’t worry because you can get it too…for only $16.20 click here!

Shorts:Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses:Mom’s Anne Klein’s back in the 80’s
Bag:No idea lol got it really cheap @ a sample sale

My sister Tiff’s look of the day…

Basquiat wha wha!!!

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