Artist of the Month: Katherine Lee

Artist of the Month: JULY 2010

Recently, I received the cutest little package from the wonderful world of “Cloverduke“! Cloverduke is a giraffe who travels the streets of New York and discovers new fun things. Meet Cloverduke….

When I opened the package look who popped out…A SHO WAH WAH!!!!!

One of Cloverduke’s discoveries are these darling little creatures named “Sho Wah Wahs“. Who came up with this clever concept!?! A talented lady named Katherine Lee. She makes these one of a kind Sho Wah Wahs. These creatures are made out of recycled materials…GO GREEN! Aren’t they the cutest!?! They’re reasonably priced at only $8.00!!!

Cloverduke answered some questions for Spikes & Sequins….

Who: cloverduke
Where: queens!!
Why: i am no artist, but i would like to make sure that these little shi wah wahs find a great home to live in
Inspiration: i go out for walks all around the 5 boroughs and little sho wah wahs pop up and follow me home. they are very sweet and love to bring smiles to people’s faces.
Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish: i would like to post pictures and videos of my walking adventures. there are many beautiful places to visit and many different sho wah wahs out there!
Do you have any advice: bring home a sho wah wah and give him/her a good home. also, long walks are really nice in all different sorts of weather conditions and at all different places.


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