LA Outfit-5

Today, we went to Santa Monica! I LOVED IT! It’s definitely my favorite place in LA!!!! I connected to the soil there. The area is beautiful and there are cute shops everywhere! I wore Motel’s Palm Tree dress to rep Cali! Did you know palm trees were imported to California in the 1700’s!?! Sadly they are dying because they are not indigenous to the land. I noticed that the palm trees are very dry and brown. They look pissed off and worn out from the sun! Most palm trees here are about 100 years old. They predict LA won’t be the same paradise in the near future because palm trees won’t be here. 😦

On a fun note, I stopped by LF in Santa Monica and picked up some goodies. LF has additional markdowns!!! You know I love a bahgain!!!

The LF in Santa Monica on Main Street has 2 FLOORS! AH-mazing! All the LF’s in NY aren’t this big. I was so excited!

Outfit deets: Dress from Motel (You can win a Motel dress!), Earrings from Urban Outfitters, Sandals from Buffalo Exchange (My mom picked these up for me), Spiked cuff from Redress, Parrot ring from F21

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