Motel Bff Contestants- Rebekah & Sayidas

Meet our 4th Motel Bff Contestants, Rebekah & Sayidas .

Who? Rebekah (left) and Sayidas (right).

How would you describe your individual styles?

Rebekah’s style- “I love fabrics influencend by the African culture. You could say I’m some what Afrocentric at times. I loved this dress for the simple fact that it was a blend of silk and lace. White is not always an easy color to wear. Also all proceeds of the dress went to help educate people in Africa about the effects of Aids. I wore a long braid (done by Sayida) to follow the Afrocentric theme of the dress. Gold accents always complement a white dress.”

Sayidas style- ” Sayida likes to wear colors that enhance her gorgeous black skin. Once you have glowing skin it seems that any outfit you wear looks amazing. She keeps a neutral color bottom as her shirt is vibrant green that reflects well off her skin tone. Simple earrings and over done eyes enhances her face yet does not take away from her outfit.”

Thank you Rebekah and Sayidas for entering the contest. You beautiful ladies now have the chance to win dresses from! Would you and your Bff like to enter the contest too? Click here for details.

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