Spikes’ Fashion’s Night Out in NYC

Friday, September 10th was Fashion’s Night Out in NYC! See Sequins’ Post here. It was quite a hectic evening with streets filled with people!! It reminded me of Halloween night in the city only thing missing were the costumes.

I stopped by Betsey Johnson’s store in Soho…It was so much fun. They were giving free manicures, hair and makeup.

LOVE this coat!

Free cupcakes

Then I went to the Billionaire Boys/ Ice Cream store! It was craaaaaaaaaaazy! N.E.R.D has MANY fans. It was very disorganized and to be quite honest disappointing. I bought a BBC shirt expecting Mr. Skateboard P to sign his name on it and he refused. YES! Can you believe he refused to sign a shirt FOR ME! Instead he licked his chops and asked for hug…*crickets* Are you thinking what I’m thinking!?! Well, at least I got a photo with him. šŸ˜¦

The steps in the store are blue!

Pose off with New York City street art šŸ™‚

I’m a guest blogger on Motel’s blog please check out the rest of my Fashion’s Night Out NYC post here.

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