LA Finds: Awesome Kicks!

Sorry it took me a while to post my finds from my trip to LA but better late than never. Right? 🙂

There’s this great chain of stores called Crossroads Trading Co. Crossroads Trading Co., is very much like Buffalo Exchange but cheaper! You can buy and sell items and they’ll resale it. They also have new items for sale too! I love places you can find gems and hidden treasures. I lucked up and found these Nike limited edition “Composition Notebook” sneakers in the Men’s Department for only $22.00

Perfect for BACK TO SCHOOL! Side note: When I got back to NYC I spotted these babies for $220!

My second kicks find are the limited edition Reebok Basquiat sneakers!!!! I DIE! I found these gorgeous show stoppers at a vintage store called Wasteland on Melrose.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is one my favorite artist and as my sister calls him “Our Art Angel“. I purchased them for $30.00!

Be back with more finds in a bit!

Spikes 😉

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