Motel’s Holiday Line!

This week I had the special opportunity to meet with Jenna from! She invited me to Motel’s booth @ the Coterie Tradeshow in NYC. I was very excited to not only see the line but to meet Jenna and the rest of the Motel team! The Motel team was very warm and welcoming. Jenna is lovely! I adored her haircut and style. Jenna looked gorgeous in Motel’s Elise Dress and it fit her like a glove. I also wore Motel’s Baroque jacket and dress. We’re both short haired mamas! Here, Jenna walked me through Motel’s Holiday Line!!! I was drooling over the gorgeous dresses, sweaters, jumpsuits, blouses, belts and pants! Their Holiday line is to DIE for! It seems to me, Motel has taken a few more risks and designed pieces with a bit more edginess, colors and abstract prints! Each garment is eye catching and detailed with all kinds of embellishments such as buttons, bow ties, pin tucks, metallic fringe, beads and much more! I can’t wait to get my hands on a this entire collection. 🙂 Thank you Jenna!

Here’s the Motel Holiday/Winter Lookbook: You might need a napkin to catch your drool after you’ve seen these fab photos!

These styles aren’t available yet but when they are I will be sure to pass the word!

Spikes 😉

Take a peek at what’s on Motel Rocks now…

Don’t forget to use the 25% code @ checkout

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