Motel Halloween Giveaway Finalists!!!

After a very long deliberation, contemplating, voting and commenting the Finalists have been chosen for the Motel Halloween Giveaway! This was a tough decision because there were so many creative costumes. It was very hard to narrow down the finalists to only 3 so instead of picking the Top 3 Finalists, I’ve picked the Top 9 Finalists!!! I know what you are thinking…”Top 9!?!” but I felt each of these contestants deserve a chance to WIN! Each of their costumes display individuality and fierceness in their own right. 🙂 THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Motel Halloween Giveaway! No worries to those that were not chosen because there are more giveaways in-store!!!

The Top 9 Finalists are:

1. Princess and the Frog-See post here

2. Rag Doll-See post here

3. Betty Boop-See post here

4. Mad Hatter #1-See post here

5. Indian Princess-See post here

6. Zombie-See post here

7. Pretty Peacock-See post here

8. Mad Hatter #2-See post here

9. Fancy Flamingo-See post here

What’s next?

Please vote below for the Contestant you feel has the most creative costume and truly embodies the Halloween Spirit!

After all the votes are in I will announce the WINNER on Saturday, November 27th!


What are you waiting for!?! Get busy voting!

Each of these finalists are now in the running to WIN one of these dresses from

Check out more from Motel and receive 25% off on your next purchase on here

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