Trick or Treat!

It’s October and one of my favorite holidays, HALLOWEEN is knocking at our doors. It’s the only day of the year you can DRESS-UP and be whatever or whoever you want to be (without someone lookin’ at ya funny)! Since, I was a baby Spikes I enjoyed the thrill of all the candy and planning my Halloween costumes. I love masks, makeup, animal ears, wigs and capes! Ahhh who doesn’t love Halloween!?!

What are you going to be this year for Halloween?!?! Start planning if you haven’t already because I have a Halloween TREAT in store for ya!!!! 😉 Look for my Halloween Announcement sometime this weekend!!! I’m sure you’re going to love it!!!

While I was brainstorming what I’m going to be this year, I found some old photos of me all dressed-up in costumes that I had to share with you!

Clownin’ around

Not quite Rudolph but I was lovin’ those Reindeer ears

I was an Elf in the Xmas play w/ my friend as Raggedy Anne!

One year for Halloween I dressed up with my friends, from l-r, Harajuku Girl, Catwoman and Cowgirl

Nicole Richie

Cat woman

Ahoooy! On my way to my nephews Halloween/Birthday party. I own two pirate costumes! I guess I have a thing for em!?! 🙂

Ice cream parlor girl

Wind-up doll

Last but not least….

Dorothy, “There’s no place like home”

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