Furniture BaHgain Shopping!

This weekend I moved into my new place (YAAAAY! This is why I haven’t been posting much!) and since it’s my first home I needed a lot of furniture. As you know I LOVE bargains and sales. It’s important to me to get the most for my money.

Well, last weekend while shopping at IKEA I lucked up and found pieces that I wanted for less than half the price in their clearance/as is section! IKEA has a clearance/as is section usually located downstairs in the warehouse. The clearance/as is section consists of floor samples that they no longer need, slightly damaged, imperfect, discontinued or returned items that they sell “AS IS” for a cheaper price. Best thing about purchasing from the clearance/as is section is that it’s all put together! Can I get an AMEN!?!

RULE #1: When shopping at IKEA don’t hesitate to stop by their clearance/as is section. Who knows you may find what you are looking for much cheaper!

I found a wardrobe closet for $99.00

Matching dresser for $65.00

Here are some more pics from the move in day 🙂

RULE #2: Rent a UHAUL when moving bulky furniture. It makes life much easier!

My ♥ Dave came to help! He’s the best boyfriend in the whole wide world!

My sis

Thank GOODNESS for baskets on wheels

Mommy on setting up the towels in the bathroom

There’s still a lot more to get done but I’m happy the bulk of the furniture is moved in. THANK YOU to my family for helping me on my big day! I LOVE you!

Stay tuned for interior decorating with Spikes 🙂 mission is NOT COMPLETE

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