Pirate Romance Giveaway!

I’ve teamed up with Pirate Romance (December’s Artist of the Month) to bring you a HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! You can WIN a pair of these fierce Spike Earrings from Pirate Romance’s upcoming Spring 2011 Collection!


See contest rules and details below:

CAPTION THIS PIC below to win a pair of spike earrings from Pirate Romance! I styled an outfit wearing the Pirate Romance spike earrings and snapped a pic.

*In order to enter the contest you must do the following:
1) Leave a comment below stating your most creative caption for the picture. In the comment please include the following:
2) You must join Spikes & Sequins’ Facebook fan page and join Pirate Romance’s Facebook fan page AND/OR You must follow Spikes & Sequins Twitter page and Pirate Romance’s Twitter page.

The MOST CREATIVE caption will WIN a pair of spike earrings from Pirate Romance!

All entries must be in by January 2nd!

Have fun and goodluck! Happy Holidays!

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