ohhh black glitter LITA it’s so nice to MEET YA!!!!

As you know the Jeffery Campbell Glitter Lita boots were on my Christmas list but these Lita boots are in DEMAND because they are the shoe of the season. They sell out faster than hot cakes! Unfortunately, everytime I’ve tried to order these pieces of heaven they were SOLD OUT on Solestruck.com 😦 (Solestruck carries the largest Jeffery Campbell inventory online)

WELLLLL it’s my lucky day because my thoughtful boyfriend is a sneaky ninja! He knew I wanted these glitter Litas so bad that he followed Solestruck’s Twitter to find out when they would restock the Glitter Lita boots. A few days ago Solestruck tweeted the release of the BLACK GLITTER LITA boot and he purchased them right away! Thank goodness he did because 20 minutes later (when I found out they were released) they were already sold out!

He surprised me today with these beauties. I’m so excited! 🙂 Ouuu weeee! I can’t believe he made one of my dreams come true! hehe They go with everything and they are very comfortable. I know what you’re thinking…”A shoe that high can’t be comfy” but I promise you they are.

I’m in LOVE!



*LESSON: FOLLOW SOLETRUCK’S TWITTER to know when they release/restock shoes!

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