January’s Artist of the Month: Ndi Lauper

January’s 2011 Artist of the Month is jewelry designer Ndi Lauper. She’s the designer/owner of Vanity Creations. Please see her interview below.


Ndi Lauper designer of jewelry line Pieces of Vintage by Vanity Creation and owner


Houston, Texas

Why are you artist of the month?

I’ve always wanted to change peoples’ lives, I am the girl who has overcome many things, I am skillful in my craft, humble with a genius mind. My work speaks for itself.

What inspires you?

Making people feel beautiful, hearing them say their confidence is so much more because of something I did or contributed to.

Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already?

Of course, what I do is a small component to what lies ahead. I want to start a cosmetics line, magazine, start an organization in remembrance of my Mom who birth me at 20 and passed when I was 20 from an aneurysm caused by stress it’s called the Veinte Project which means 20 in Spanish, those moments shaped who I am today as a person and my goal is to help women know who they are and what they posses why they should love who they are because beauty is about the inside and out as well as assist with self help abuse addiction etc..

Do you have any advice?

Obtain a clear vision of what makes you happy on any level of life do everything possible to  make your vision a reality even the impossible is possible it just hasn’t been done. Learn Grow and Push this goes for mistakes things that apply to what you want and when you doubt or feel weak push yourself to greater heights.

Contact info

Inquires info@vanitycreation.com

Styling + Services rumoredstyles@vanitycreation.com

Event Hosting Logo + Web Design codefierce@vanitycreation.com

Twitter @VanityCreation

Blog artorwar.tumblr.com

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