Sister Day!

Today was sister day! I spent time with my best friend/sister Tiffany!!! We were starvin so we stopped by our favorite restaurant Peaches Hothouse for brunch. Peaches Hothouse= Good people (family) & Good food!

We both ordered Granola crusted french toast with peaches & cream. For the sides: turkey bacon, apple smoked bacon, scrambled eggs w/ cheese and roasted red potatoes! YUMMY! OH yea and don’t forget the sweet tea!


After brunch we traveled to Fort Greene and browsed the Brooklyn Flea market

It’s located at 1 Hanson Place inside a landmark which used to be the  Williamsburg Bank…the architecture was amazing!

They even kept the actually safe from when this was a functioning bank!!! This was the coolest part for me. It’s HUGE! Tiff say CHEEZ!

There were many knick knacks and awesome buys but what caught our eyes were these delightful raglan sweatshirts by

Loyalty and Blood

We are sweatshirt twins!!!

Fierce girlfriend!

I LOVE our sweatshirts! They’re so much FUN! hehe

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