Girl on the go

This is a quick mini post of my outfit today. I wore a leopard crop top by Mink Pink, bandage mini skirt by Bar III, earrings from Wet Seal and K-genius shoes and bag by Jeffrey Campbell. I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Today I spent time with family and the bf. I’ve been busy getting the store up and running so you can finally shop my closet!!! Look for the grand opening soon 🙂 Whoo hooo



14 thoughts on “Girl on the go

  1. jst stumbled across ur blog and i hab to admit i love it..Jst went to ur previous posts and saw u on the LF JC event… i was there too..Hopefullly we bump into eachother on other events…

    1. Hi Preity!

      Thank you for stopping by! Yes I remember spotting you at the LF + JC event…I was working the door. I’m following your blog now!!! Hopefully we’ll see each other at the next event 🙂

  2. wow you’re so pretty and your skin is so flawlesss….wow wow your outfit and your shoes and your yellow toe nails. Work it. I swear, ur my new fave blog!

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