Siren London’s Seven Day Challenge-Day 5 & 6

This is the 5th and 6th looks for Siren London’s “Seven Day Siren Challenge“!  In both looks I’m wearing the Mojito Day Dress from Siren London along with the Dean Biker Jacket!  I’m a big fan of the color and the movement of the dress! The leather neck tie is perfect for my cropped hair!  It can be worn as a dress (5th outfit) or as a top ( 6th outfit). The Dean Jacket is great for the Fall weather and the fabric’s handfeel is so soft 🙂  The multicolor two layer collar (that’s a tongue twister hehe) is a unique touch. It really makes this biker jacket standout from the rest! Everywhere I’ve worn this jacket I received many compliments! Thank you Siren!!!

Stay tuned for the final outfit!

Thank you again Siren!

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